Flexy Light Reflex Foam Mattress- Light weight Reflex Foam 4” Mattress

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The flexy light reflex foam mattress is a great addition for your bedroom. A light weight, 4 inch deep reflex mattress, for comfortable sleep and easy handling. It can be shifted anywhere, easily due to its light weight. Despites the 4 inches depth, the flexy light reflex foam mattress offers a great comfortable sleep experience.
The flexy light reflex foam mattress comes with a quality zipped cover, which provides additional support and comfort. This flexy mattress is great for bunk beds or guest beds.
The reflex foam offers solutions to back pain. The flexy light reflex foam mattress is made to support your spine, joints and neck. This mattress is fully hypo allergenic , which is good for allergy patients.
Light Weight : 4 inches depth
Comfortable Reflex Foam
Contours to your body’s natural shape
Relieves pressure points across the body
Promotes good blood circulation
Quilted mattress in a Quality Cover
Dust mite resistant and hypo-allergenic, perfect for allergy sufferers
Fully compliant with all UK fire regulations

100 Reflex Foam
Note: Mattress print may vary in design, but does not affect quality of product. Mattresses will be delivered in boxes. It is advised to measure up bed size before ordering the right mattress size