Luxury Premium Memory Foam Mattress- The Natural Latex Reflex Memory Foam Mattress


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This typical Latex Reflex memory Foam Mattress is a high quality and high tech secure mattress.

The usual Latex Reflex reminiscence Foam Mattress is manufactured making use of reflex Foam, reminiscence foam and usual latex.

The mixture of Latex, reminiscence Foam, and Reflex Foam gives it the remedy, aeration, and sturdiness found in any high tech, high of the variety mattress.

It is a deep at ease mattress ,presents rest and a terrific suppose.

The ordinary Latex Reflex reminiscence Foam Mattress provides the fine comfortable and healthy sleeping expertise.


  • Made in UK
  • Depth Approx 10”
  • Extra Body Support
  • Cool sleep Surface
  • Temperature Sensitive
  • Soft Surface
  • Reflex Foam
  • Motion Absorption
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Good quality mattress in a good quality Cover
  • Fully compliant with all UK fire regulations


  • 150 mm Reflex Foam
  • 50 mm Memory Foam
  • 50 mm Natural Latex
  • Zipped Cover

Note: Mattress print may vary in design, but does not affect quality of product.  Mattresses will be  delivered in boxes. It is advised to measure up bed size before ordering the right mattress size